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The regular COPA Flight 45 meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month. The meetings are usually held at our Clubhouse across from the Goderich Airport Terminal building, and start promptly at 7:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in attending one of our meetings is always welcome.



Quincy Bridge, Fred & Marilyn Bruinsma, Peter Butoric, Phil Englishman, Sid F ritjers,Jim & Jane Farrell, Nick Friesen, Kevin Grainger, Burt Hodgins, Don & Marlene Martin, Mike Scott & Arden Farrow, Jack Searson, Dan Stringer.


Navigator Marilyn welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Moved by Marilyn Bruinsma and seconded by Jane Farrell that the minutes of June 8, 2022 be approved. Carried.

The Navigator presented the financial statement for the bank account and the petty cash.
Moved by Jane Farrell and seconded by Jack Searson that the statement be passed. Carried.
More members paid their memberships.


Dan Stringer gave members an overview of the Discovery Camp, its purpose and the first held in Goderich. Second year medical students from Western's Schuler School of Medicine hosted this camp inviting secondary students interested in healthcare careers to attend. Twenty six teens attended Camp Klahane which was donated by Goderich Lion's Club for the event. Friday noon a BBQ was held by the Camp leaders/students for their parents, and guests. The medical students stated that it takes a village to raise families. With food insecurity prevalent, local food groups are being supported by OMAFRA..
Dan asked questions of the 5 high school students present what they learned, what future careers and goals. Then the 3 Schuler students were asked questions about admission to med school, their healthcare experiences and future goals. Gateway has promoted local foods with volunteers building raised garden beds for the seniors at Goderich Place, Bluewater, Huronlea and Huronview.

Mike Scott moved and seconded by Sid Fritjers that the remnant wood from the bunkie be used to build these garden boxes for other seniors. Carried.


Donna Appavoo talked about her healthcare career as a public health nurse and her pilots license. She told the group that she took her pilots license to overcome airsickness. Husband, Dr Sam is now combining his passion of aviation with medicine. Regularly he is flying his Mooney often with Dr. Neal to the northern towns of Elliot Lake and Fort Francis to assist the local doctor and hospital with
added resources. Donna mentioned that both careers are intense and that Dr Sam takes a day off after arriving there and a day off before leaving for home.

Hope Air pilot, Burt Hodgins, spoke on his experiences with flying patients from remote communities to specialized medical appointments in large city hospitals and back home again. He felt that knowing some medical knowledge would be an asset to a Hope Air pilot especially when the patient is not well.


The Hope Air lunch at CYGD was very successful. We raised $6 500 which was matched by another pilot so COPA 45 receives credit for $13 000. Marilyn will get a thank you card for Burt to send to this donor in appreciation of her gesture. Goderich's fundraiser ws the most successful event of the tour according to Jon Collins of Hope Air Administration staff.


COPA Convention was a success with good attendance, excellent food, good seminars, and short AGM.
Awards- Burt and Maria Hodgins Appreciation Award
COPA Flight 45- Flight E spoke of excellence Award with $300 cash
Jack Searson's 2021 Directors award to arrive later
After the convention Christine Gervais announced her resignation as CEO and President of COPA effective Aug.13.


Materials are being gathered for the bunkie's completion. More details at the next meeting. Mike Scott is covering the extra cost of relocating the bunkie onto its' new gravel base.


Pat Pattison has a new home at Goderich Place. Mike Beatty has been in contact with him and taken him for a tour of the local sights including the airport. It is hoped that Pat will be able to join us soon.


Sat Aug 6 CYCK- Fly Fest - also every Mon weekly BBQ's
Aug 12-14 CYZR- Sarnia fly in under wing camping Save Our Airport
Sat Aug 13 South River Fly in bring chairs, lunch- Carol Cooke/Grant Bailey
Sat Aug 20- CYKM - 50th anniversary
Sat Aug 20 CYGD- SH Modelers Invitational Fly in rwy-10-28 closed
Wed evenings- CYQS- weekly BBQ's


Wed. Aug. 10 Bart Postsma Snowbird #3